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Coffins & Caskets

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The topic of Natural Funerals covers a wide range of issues from the full “natural burials”, in special burial grounds, to simple choices throughout the funeral process that minimises the environmental impact and carbon footprint. Over the next few weeks I will touch on various areas with this week’s focus is on the casket.

Coffins & Caskets
There are many Eco-friendly caskets available, in fact so many that we can’t carry them all in stock. We do have many in our catalogue which can be obtained within 48 hours. The two most used we do have in stock at all times are:

The ‘Plain Pine Box’, known as a Settler Casket – This is made of seconds Pine and supplied with rope handles. There is also a version of this with plastic handles that are combustible for cremation, this is not used for Natural burial however. ‘Natural caskets when used for cremation which makes them very clean burning.
Another casket often used for Natural burial or clean cremation is:

The ‘Crafted Pine’ – This is made from NZ 1st pine and supplied with finely crafted wooden handles that are comfortable to carry with. 
As mentioned above, there are many more eco-friendly caskets available including bamboo, ply, woollen, Cane. Willow and many more. Some of the suppliers include TenderRest, Return to Sender, and Natural legacy. We can obtain caskets from all these and many other suppliers.

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