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Natural Burial Process

There are only 2 natural burial cemeteries in the Wellington Region, one in Makara and one here in Kapiti.
The Natural burial cemetery is part of the Otaki cemetery, now more easily accessible via the new Express Way past Otaki.
The ethos for a natural burial includes:

1. A Natural Casket. A casket is made of natural materials like plain pine or woven Cane (not cardboard) and should not have any plastics but rather natural handles such as rope and lining such as cotton.

2. Chemical-free Deceased preparation. This can be achieved through refrigeration or for viewing through processes such as the use of dry Ice or the gentle approach of Eco Prep, covered here.

3. Natural Burial Plot. The Cemetery at Otaki has a special Natural burial section with plots in a ‘grove’ that are larger than a normal burial plot, and shallow enough for the natural soils to break down the body more quickly. A native shrub selection is provided to plant on the plot following the burial and a simple wooden marker is placed by the grave. Eventually, the area will turn into a native grove of bush, and the GPS coordinates of the plot are retained for future reference.
Choosing a natural burial is not necessarily a cheaper option, but is a lovely way to return to the elements with a low carbon footprint.