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Natural Funerals Preparations

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Natural Funerals

The topic of Natural Funerals covers a wide range of issues from the full “natural burials”,
in special burial grounds, to simple choices throughout the funeral process that minimises the environmental impact and carbon footprint. Over the next few weeks, I will touch on various areas with this week’s focus is on deceased preparation.
Deceased Preparations
There are many preparation options available that minimise the harmful effects of chemicals on the environment.
Simply doing nothing to the deceased does not rid the body of harmful toxins in the body or the chemicals induced through medications during the later stages of illness.

There are two options we suggest for eco-friendly preparations of the deceased:
1. Low index embalming – This use of very low index chemicals is commonly used for sanitation and short-term preservation of the deceased usually up to 6 days.

This is a low invasive technique using arterial injection only, much like a blood transfusion, with no other invasive techniques.
2. Ecoprep – A truly natural preparation process developed by Managing Director Andrew Malcolm, which cleanses and sanitises the body with an arterial wash but does not preserve the tissue. This leaves the body truly formaldehyde and chemical free and removes many of the toxins built up during life. It slows the body’s deterioration to a natural time frame of 3 to 5 days.

There is only one cemetery in Kapiti that offer Natural burials and that is Otaki Cemetery. Information can be found on KCDC website
For more information on ecoprep please feel free to call us, or visit /eco-funerals

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